About Us

Who Are We?

Deals2Please.com incorporated by MGSBOC Ltd is an eCommerce platform to search the markets around the world for products at great prices, which will make the daily livings of the people more comfortable. All products listed on deals2please.com have been thoroughly vetted and negotiated at discounted prices to give our customers value for money and satisfaction.

Our Core Value
This speaks of our promise to our customers which are 

  • Customer Satisfaction -  At MGSBOC Ltd, we believe there are products out in the world which can resolve many of our daily chores if we access to them but the issue is that without us knowing the existence of such items or products for our particular needs most of us wallow in muds and get frustrated in doing things which these unidentified products could have easily do for us. The desire to make our lives more comfortable is the drive behind the birth of deals2please.com.
  • Minimising Carbon Footprint: As an organisation committed to the environment, we are committed to ensuring that all our suppliers work towards reducing their carbon emission footprint to the acceptable level.

How we want to deliver on our Promise

We meticulously source products from all the regions of the world, dealing with the manufacturers directly, negotiate good deals and pass the savings to our customers on deals2please.com. Our aim is to make available problem-solving products on deals2please.com at great deals.